37 Ways Of Looking At Open Adoption

Open adoption isn’t easy to define. There are so many ways to look at it.

Ask two people what open adoption means to them and chances are they’ll give you two totally different but equally interesting answers.

Well, last month, during National Adoption Month, we put that question to nearly 20,000 people — adoptive parents, hopeful adoptive parents, adoptees and birthparents on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages — to find out what they had to say about the matter, and they weren’t shy about sharing their opinions.

Here are some of the dozens of responses we received. This is in addition to the answers we got to our annual “30 Days 30 Questions” Q & A series.

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1. “Open adoption is love without boundaries.”Ruth Carlson


2. “Open adoption is my miracle.” Rachel Szymanski



3. Open adoption is having an amazing orchard, not just a tree.” Rebecca Hall Cicconeaa27


4. “Open adoption is what has given me a family.” Slugabug



5. “Open adoption means we grew our family by more than one baby.” ritzandglitzevents



6. Open Adoption is inviting a few extra people into our lives who also love our daughter whole heartedly.” Leanne Bentley



7. “Open adoption is an answer to a lifetime of questions.” AmberHasFavorites



8. “Open adoption is not scary or a story on TV. It is a blessing, and a beautiful thing.” Katie Valleau



9. “Open Adoption is a privilege, not an obligation. A joy, not a burden.” Tara Wells



10. “Open adoption is giving a chance to those that want to become parents.” Michael & Manuel’s Adoption Journey – Help us Adopt




11. “Open adoption means more people to love my child.” Stephanie Plomp



12. “Open adoption is my child always knowing who she is and where she comes from. It’s about more people loving her.” RaiAn Givens Veronie



13.”Open adoption is being eternally grateful for the woman who placed her daughter in my arms and and made me a Mommy.” Hildie Stone 



14. Open adoption is allowing my child to know where they came from. Jaye_gatsby



15. “Open Adoption is an amazing journey! You just don’t adopt a child, you are also adding a Birthmother to your family!  Creating lasting memories!” Lori Tomka



16. “Open adoption is unconditional love for a child from both families. It unites two families into one.” Roanne Olsen



17. “Open adoption is love built on the greatest gift on earth, a child. Binding family’s through love not DNA.” Monica Rogers



18. “Open adoption is caring less of yourself and more for your child, both as a birth parent and as an adopted parent.” Elizabeth Humenyik



19. “Open adoption means that my daughter has ALL of the pieces to her life’s puzzle. She never has to wonder about anything!” Laura Walker Carson



20. “Open adoption is opening your heart and mind to a child you’ve never met and loving them unconditionally before you ever know who they are.” BradandJustinAdopt



21. “Adoption is the most complex and beautiful thing thta I have ever had the privilege of being associated with.” Tracy Mitchell



22. “Open adoption is an opportunity to grow your family not by one but by many.” Adoption Journey



23. “Adoption is having a deep and honest understand of empathy, compassion and thankfulness.”  Megan Sandoval

open adoption


24. “Open adoption is never having to wonder. Birth families don’t have to wonder how their precious little ones are and adoptees don’t have to wonder about their first families.”Alison Eavenson Webster



25. “Open adoption is hope.” Niki Blackwell


26. “Open adoption means I have not lost a granddaughter, I have gained new family members! It has saved us all! Sonya Enslowaa28


27. ” Open adoption means watching my daughter grow up in the kind of family I couldn’t be for her.” Shannon Carey



28. “Open adoption is going to change every aspect of my life.” Mira Iryna Gallaway



29. “Open adoption is sacred.” Tara Wells


30.  “Open adoption means we are all one family united in love of an amazing child.” Christine Rice- Cassidy



31. “Open adoption is all about united two families into one.”Dylan Cindy Betchik



32. “Open adoption is amazing.” Jan Mahon


33. “Open adoption is love.” Mary Thompson




34. Open adoption is placing your fears aside so true love can abide–the love for the child and the love for the birth family who have both divinely entered your life.” Crishana Dionne



35. “Open adoption is truth. “Leah Outten




36. “Open adoption is opening your heart to the woman who made the biggest sacrifice of her life to give you the best gift of yours.” Kelly Chiarilli



37. “Open adoption is love and family!” Dylan Cindy Betchik


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