Adoption Consultants can guide and support you during your open, independent or private domestic adoption journey to adopt a baby. Here’s a list to get you started.

Keep in mind the consultants listed here are intended as suggestions, not endorsements. Be sure to do your own research beforehand to determine whether hiring a consultant is right for you and which service best suits your needs. Did we miss anyone? Let us know.


Christian Adoption Consultants
Offers a variety of services to help your family navigate through domestic or international adoption.

Evermore Adoption Consultants
A birthmother and adoptive mother providing families with the tools to have a successful adoption.

Faithful Adoption Consultants
Walks alongside hopeful adoptive families as they go through the process of growing their family through adoption.

Hello Baby Adoption Consultants
Guides you through the process until you bring your baby home.

Journey Adoption Consultants
Helps hopeful adoptive parents across the U.S. who are seeking domestic adoption.

Love Grown Adoption Consulting
Compassionate advocating guide as well as a supportive “family” to anyone seeking to adopt in any part of the process.

My Adoption Advisor
An adoption consulting service offering adoption advertising, websites, parent profiles and training. 

Purl Adoption Advisory
Adoption advocates for hopeful adoptive parents across the U.S. during the domestic infant adoption process. 

RG Adoption Consulting
Will hold your hand through every step of the domestic adoption process from home study to finalization.

The Adoption Consultancy
Navigates you through the twist and turns of the adoption process.