7 Tips To Make Your First Holiday With Your Adopted Child Memorable

This guest post is by Alana Redmond.

The first holiday season with your adopted child should be one that is memorable.

Given this may be their first time ever celebrating, its important to make it extra special.

I put together a few tips to kickstart your holiday season and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Cook Together

Studies show that spending time in the kitchen has several health benefits for the mind, body and soul.

Spend this holiday season baking your grandma’s famous oatmeal cookies or baked pies. If you don’t have an old recipe to follow, get creative!

Sometimes spontaneous creations are the most rewarding. Even if your newest family member is too young to cook, make it a point to share these moments with them.

Building these memories will allow you to pass down recipes you created together or laugh at funny moments when you over-cooked the Thanksgiving turkey.  

Play Games

Today’s technology-filled world has often made it hard to put aside the screens and replace them with a card game, puzzle or board game.

There are several healthy benefits to playing games around the table with loved ones.

This includes healing emotional healing, social skill development, cooperation and will help boost and stimulate creativity.

Release Expectations

If you’re a perfectionist — or worry wart during the holidays — make this the one year you put stress on the back burner.

When having a newly adopted child, the home should be a place of positive warmth and good energy.

Let your guard down and you might be surprised at just how rewarding the time you spend with your new child is.

Create Traditions

There’s nothing more memorable than the smell of a burning fire or a hot pie in the oven. Smells have a strong connection to memory and good memories are the foundation to establishing beautiful traditions with your new adopted child.

Use your first year home with your child through adoption to start forming new traditions around the house. This can include your new yearly pumpkin carving tradition or hanging up the lights and decorations around the house.

Simple scrapbooking is also a very fun craft to do with your child. These books are fun and will be keepsakes for years to come.

Listen To Music

Just like smells, music is also a beautiful way to establish new traditions and memories.

Fill your home this holiday season with soothing tunes and sounds that will be heard for years to come.

Listening to music can invoke a response and trigger emotions that you and your child need when nesting in your home together.

Write a Letter

Letters are an excellent way to get you in the spirit of the holiday season and they are a memorable keepsake your child through adoption will have for years to come.

Write a handwritten note to your child about the times you spent during the holiday season and the little memories you carried on with them.

These nostalgic notes will be something you and your child can look back on for years to come.

Cut Technology Use

Try to cut down on your technology use this holiday season. Studies show that reducing phone usage can be beneficial to how you communicate with members of your family.  

During Christmas and Halloween time, houses are lit up with vibrant lights and electric spirit.

Getting outside is a great chance for you and your child to soak in the sun and breath in the crisp air.

Overall, don’t chase for the perfect holiday this year. Releasing expectations about how your first year with your adopted child will be a great opportunity to let your guard down and make new memories.

Alana Redmond is a legal content writer and has worked with several family law firms including The Law Offices of Stephen Vertucci in Fort Collins, CO.

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