Couple Celebrates Baby Adoption With Touching Photos



Source: Ker-Fox Photography

Marc and Brianne Womack figured it would take them six to nine months to adopt a baby.

By most standards, that’s pretty optimistic.

But their placement happened even faster than that: After only a few months into their wait, the Shiloh, Georgia couple were pleasantly surprised when they got the phone they were hoping for.

The next day, they went to see their new son. Four days later, they brought him home.


Source: Ker-Fox Photography

“I had been praying for a son and when I met him for the first time I felt like that was my first child,” says Brianne.

They named their baby Ezekiel Thomas. Adopting, the Womacks say, was something they both wanted to do, even before they knew each other and tied the knot two years ago.

Now with the help of  Neely Ker-Fox, a photographer specializing in birth pictures, they’ve captured the joy of their newest addition in photos.


Source: Ker-Fox Photography

“Whether it be a biological birth, or an adoption, love always looks the same,” Neely says. “It’s simply the most rewarding job and I thank God for giving me this opportunity.”

One of the images shows Brianne and Ezekiel taking a milk bath. Here’s what Neely had to say about that photo:

“I shot my very first milk bath today. And I couldn’t imagine a more perfect family for the task. I mean their skin, the contrast, the LOVE. Adoption is beautiful! Those long roads of uncertainty, lead to moments of like this, of pure perfection.”


Source: Ker-Fox Photography

The Womacks are hoping their story will encourage others to adopt a child.

“Moving forward with adoption has created a desire to adopt more children and to conceive less children,” Brianne said.

The Womacks aren’t the first couple to document their baby adoption journey in photos.

Earlier this month, we told you the story about Ray and Megan Simmons, whose pictures announcing their plan to adopt went viral on Facebook.

No matter what Brianne and Marc decide to do next, we hope they continue to share the milestones of their adoption journey for many years to come.

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