If Only Every Adoption Profile Video Was This Entertaining

We’ve seen our share of adoption profile videos over the years. But we’ve never seen one quite like this one by hopeful parents Joe and Joey.

Entitled “Dear Future Baby,” it’s a hilarious send-up of Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband.”

As Joe and Joey explain in their video, they’ve always dreamed of becoming fathers.

And now, with the help of open adoption, they’re hoping to make their dream come true.

But when it came to reaching out to a prospective birthmother, they wanted to do something a little different.


So they penned this love song to their future baby.

With lyrics like

We won’t let you cry
Always keep you dry
Even when your diapers make us want to freakin’ die

you’ll find yourself singing its praises too.


Update: A few months after their video went viral, Joey and Joe’s adoption wish came true.

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