How I Became A Mom At Last

This guest blog is by Sharon Simons, an adoptive mother.

DNA is overrated.

As an adoptive mom I have come to realize that DNA is absolutely not what makes you a mother.

I am the proud mother through international adoption and my boys and I are bonded to the core.

Not a day goes by where someone doesn’t tell me how much my boys and I look alike and even share personalities.

The adoption option is a wonderful choice to becoming a mom.

Although I didn’t set out to to adopt, it became my path after a pregnancy loss and three rounds of IVF.

At the time of my struggles, I didn’t understand and often thought “Why me”…

But from the first day holding my sons, and every day since, I have realized how very blessed I am. I was meant to be Dylan and Hunter’s mom and there must have been a plan greater than I understood.

Because of my joy, I decided to start Mom At Last, an online community of moms including women with infertility and couples who have adopted. It is my plan to share my story and many women’s different journeys to motherhood.

I want to share the love my family and I are so very fortunate to have, to show a glimpse into our family life, and how happy we are as we grow together.

If sharing photos of my boys can inspire one woman toward adoption, I can save not only a wanting child but help create a family. After several wonderful years with my boys I often think “who saved who?”

The answer I know is both, we saved each other.

I decided to share my complete story in my upcoming memoir titled Mom At Last and continue to share mine and other stories on my site. My closing comment is when you finally hold that child in your arms, he or she is meant to be your child. It is then you will understand.

Sharon Simons is the mother of two through international adoption and the founder of Mom At Last, a community of moms, moms over 40, women with infertility, and couples who have adopted.

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