How Open Adoption Made Our Two Families Become One

This guest post is by Veronica Reno at Open Adoption Love And Support Network

My dream of motherhood is a miracle that has come true.

Motherhood is something I dreamed of since I was a little girl. After getting married to my wonderful husband, we were ready to start a family.

However, deep down I started to wonder if my dream of becoming a mom would ever come true.

We went through many years of fertility treatments, and two failed IVFs. The fertility tests and treatments were difficult, mentally and physically. But I always had faith that God had another plan for us.

I am now the adoptive mother of our son, Peyton. Being an adoptive mom has given rise to a deep, eternal bonding love that I never knew existed.

I love Peyton more than I knew I could love anyone. I cannot see how I could love my own birth child any more than I love him. Peyton may not have grown in my tummy, but he definitely grew in my heart.

On a beautiful sunny day in November 2009 our son’s birth mother Deanna, made an unselfish choice to place Peyton with our family. She did what she thought was best for Peyton, and placed his needs before her own.

I know in my heart she loves him so much and just wanted to give him a life that she couldn’t provide, one she knew he deserved. Deanna gave me a gift of lifetime — a gift that I am forever grateful for. That day before bringing Peyton to his forever home, we all gathered as a family.

Peyton’s birth aunt Diana lead us in an “Our Father” prayer. Deanna then placed Peyton in my arms, and welcomed me to motherhood. My life was forever changed and blessed.

At that very moment holding Peyton in my arms, I knew that he would always be forever loved by his two moms. What made it more special was that I didn’t just become a mom, but that our family gained another loving family member. Peyton is a part of Deanna, and she is and always will be a part of our life.

I truly love Deanna. I am proud who she is, who she is becoming, and am honored to have her in our life as Peyton’s loving birth mom. We are two families that have become one, through the love of open adoption.

This is why Mother’s Day has always been a special occasion to our family. It is a day for Deanna and I to celebrate each other and enjoy being Peyton’s mothers.

As you can see from the photo at the top of this page, Mother’s Day 2011 was a day to remember. We shared a perfect afternoon celebrating our joy of motherhood. We enjoyed a delicious waterfront Sunday brunch with family. We spent time taking pictures, laughing, and loving our amazing son.

Being miles apart, we haven’t spent every Mother’s Day together in person. But despite the distance separating us, each Mother’s Day we are together in our hearts. I am very thankful to have someone as wonderful as Deanna to share Mother’s Day with each year.

Veronica Reno is a mother through a domestic open adoption and founder of Open Adoption Love And Support Network, a positive online community for open adoption supporters.


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