Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Adoptions

I had the best of intentions.

With 2011 drawing to a close, I was all set to write a post about the top adoption stories of year. And there was huge crop to choose from: the death of Steve Jobs, the rise in gay adoption, the drop in international adoption, and of course, a fair share of celebrity adoptions, including Rachel Crow’s amazing run on X Factor. (By the way, you can cast your vote for all of these stories, or others, at the year-end poll on our Facebook page).

But then something stopped me in my tracks. Kim Kadashian, to be exact. In case you haven’t seen the latest reports, the reality TV star who’s famous for being famous is planning to adopt.

According to unnamed sources (and it’s stories like this that make you appreciate why none of the people interviewed would want to give their name), the reason is pretty straightforward. It has nothing to do with infertility, altruism or anything like that. No, the real reason Kim wants to adopt is to shed her “fame-loving, fake image.” As the report notes, if it worked for Angelina Jolie, it can work for her, too.

Khloe also adopting?

What’s more, Kim’s sister, Khloe, is also said to be considering adopting. Although unlike Kim, Khloe is still happily married. So she doesn’t have to worry about shaking off the bad publicity that comes with a made-for-reality-TV 72-day marriage.

Whether the report is true or not is beside the point. (Although its author, with her editorial asides, leaves no doubt where she stands on the matter). In the end, everyone wins–for now. A slow news cycle gets a blockbuster story. The Kardashians get a new possible plot twist for their reality show. And I get a fun headline that, admittedly, I’ve been itching to use for a while now.

Navigating the adoption process

If the reports are true, the fun may be just beginning. After all, if you think keeping up with the Kardashians is tough now, just wait until adoption is thrown into the mix. Can you see it: Kim and Khloe prepare for their home study…on Twitter.Kim and Khloe apply for their police clearances…on Twitter. Kim and Khloe join an adoption support group…on Twitter. Given their reputation for cluelessness and the complexities of the adoption process, the new show has the potential to make “Teen Mom” look like “Masterpiece Theatre.”

But then, adoption can be such a serious slog. Wouldn’t it be nice to inject a bit of humor into it for a change? With this in mind, I figured why stop at the Kardashians. Why not explore other possible adoption-themed reality shows and movies that could come our way in 2012.

So You Think You Can Adopt: Contestants get off the dance floor and vie for a chance to adopt.
Eat Pray Love Adopt: After a painful divorce, a woman takes off on a round-the-world adoption journey.
Modern Adoptive Family: A family created through open, international, public and special needs adoptions shares its ups and downs.
How I Met Your Birth Mother: An adoptive mother and father recount how they connected with their children’s birth parents.
Not Glee: Through song and a dollop of honesty, viewers discover what open adoption is really about.
Mission Impossible: Domestic Adoption: A secret agent takes on a next-to-impossible mission: adopting a child as a single parent.

Now it’s your turn: what reality shows or movies would you like to see–or titles can you come up with–that use a variation of “adoption”? How have you added levity to your adoption journey? Leave your comments in the section below. Have a great New Year. See you in 2012.