“Open Adoption Is…” 30 Quotes From Our Facebook Community

“Open adoption is…” what exactly?

Since last month was National Adoption Awareness Month, we wanted to find out.

Just before the month kicked off, we asked our Facebook community to complete the phrase “Open Adoption is…”

We got some great responses, from all members of the adoption triad — adoptive parents, birthmothers and adoptees.

Each day we posted a different one on our Facebook page, where we received even more responses.

Just in case you missed them, here they are — all 30 original quotes in one place.

Which one is your favorite? What do you think open adoption is? Tell us on Facebook and one day you could see your answer displayed there too!

“Open adoption is not the loss of my child, but the gaining of a family.”open-adoption-is

“Open adoption is difficult, emotional and amazing.” open-adoption-amazing-quote

“Open adoption is an opportunity to build enormous bridges to families beyond your reach.”open-adoption-families-saying

“Open adoption to me means love, respect and family.”open-adoption-family-quote

“Open adoption is the complete surrender to whatever God had for us in our situation.”


“Open adoption is being lucky enough to watch the sweet girl I placed 6 years ago grow up and not live in fear, guilt or regret.”

open-adoption-placement-quotation“Open adoption is three families. The birth father, birth mother and ours.”


“Open adoption means the future of not one, but many. Sacrifice and growth. The grafting of families.” 


“Open adoption is not only getting to see your child play with the woman that gave him life, but the woman who made me a mother.”

open-adoption-meaning “Open adoption is an open heart to learning what the birth mom and adoptive parents need in the relationship to feel worthy, content, and overall, at peace.”


“Open adoption is the best because I get to watch two beautiful girls grow up and be mothers one day.”


“Open adoption is two families opening their hearts and homes to strangers and watching love and respect grow.”open-adoption-two-families-quotation

“Open adoption is life changing and heart growing. It is ridiculously difficult but amazingly rewarding.”

“Open adoption means I am blessed to have continued contact with my granddaughter who my amazing daughter placed with a wonderful couple. It’s like we all adopted each other!”

“Open adoption is unconditional love — a unique journey created through a miracle that joins two families for life.”open-adoption-love-quotation

“Open adoption is having our son keep in touch with his biological mother and his sister.”


“Open adoption means love, respect, compassion and being thankful on both sides. Most of all its about love and what’s best for the child!”open-adoption-love-quotation

“Open adoption is complete love and trust in each other.”


“Open adoption is peace of mind for the birth family to know their child will be part of a loving family.”open-adoption-children-quote

“Open adoption is being lucky enough to watch the sweet girl I placed 6 years ago grow up and not live in fear, guilt, or regret.”open-adoption-birthmom-quote

“Open adoption is a true life saver!”open-adoption-lifesaver-quote

“Open adoption is fostering a positive and loving connection with my son’s birth families so he has that choice as he matures.”open-adoption-birthfamily

“Open adoption is a very beautiful miracle and an amazing love and bond between two families!”


“Open adoption is powerful.”

“Open adoption is a worthy adventure.”what-is-open-adoption

“Open adoption is sharing the love for a child AND their family in either direction. Twice the love.” open-adoption-meaning

“Open adoption is a unique journey without a time frame that will fulfill our dreams of becoming parents and will give us an extended family.”


“Open adoption is extending your family with uniqueness and providing a healthy future for your child(ren).” open-adoption-is-quotation

“Open adoption is listening to your daughter giggling, singing and chatting with her birth mother for 15 minutes on the phone and seeing her smiling about it in the morning!” open-adoption-birthmother

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