Spotlight On Our Hopeful Adoptive Parents: Abby and Joe

Hopeful-Adoptive-Parents-From-KentuckyMeet Joe and Abby, a Christian couple from Kentucky. They’ve been together for 8 years and married for 6. They enjoy traveling, joking and love, love, love to have fun.

If you ever catch them at home, you’re likely to find them sharing quotes from their favorite movies or breaking into a dance.

Joe is an aircraft mechanic who was in the Air Force for 6 years. When he and Abby aren’t checking out new destinations, he’s into cooking, golf and sports.

Abby is a part-time restaurant manager who loves being around people. The daughter of two teachers, in her spare time she likes to swim in their pool, read, do crafts and exercise.

They live in a suburban neighborhood with their two hound-mixes, Bo and Bailey, and are hoping to adopt a newborn of either gender through open, semi-open or closed adoption.

Learn more about Joe and Abby by reading their story below or visiting their adoption profile. And feel free to reach out to them. They would love to hear from you!

1. What led you to choose adoption?

The decision to adopt came easily to us. We struggled with fertility for a few years. We are unable to conceive on our own. We then immediately knew that adoption was the path that we wanted to go. We can’t wait to start our adventure!

2. What were the pros and cons?

The pros will of course be when we get to bring our baby home! We can’t wait to become a Mom and Dad. The cons are the waiting part. It is very hard and you have to be patient. We know it will be worth it when we hold our sweet child in our arms, though. You have to be a strong person to be in the process but it makes you realize how tough you can be. Family is everything!


3. Do you remember what the tipping point was?

The tipping point was when we officially decided to take the leap. We knew it would be hard but we want to be parents so much that we know we can accomplish anything!

4. What’s been the biggest surprise so far?

The biggest surprise would be all the things that go into the process. It is very lengthy and a big hill to climb but also very rewarding because of the people you meet.

5. What’s been the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge I would say is the waiting part of the process. We have been waiting for two years now. Sometimes things can happen quickly and others may take awhile.

6. What’s been the best part of the journey?

The best part has been learning how the process works. Also having a great support group that meets once a month. Our adoption professionals takes care of the birth mothers and adoptive parents in this regard.


7. What’s been the worst part?

The worst part is feeling invaded a bit I think. You have to do extensive background checks, fingerprints etc. I think it’s great they do this to make sure that people are good people, but it can feel like an invasion of privacy at times.

8. What was it like to create your adoption profile?

Our profile letter and book was interesting and fun to do. It was nice to really learn things about ourselves and reflect those things in our profile so that people can get to know us. We enjoyed it!

9. What keeps you going during the wait?

What keeps us going is looking at our nursery that is waiting for our sweet baby! We have a safari theme and our wonderful family helped us with buying all the furniture and decorating it. We have it ready to go!

10. What’s the best piece of adoption advice you’ve received?

The best piece of advice would be to see it through. It is a tough process but so worth it. You’ll learn a lot along the way and creating a family is the ultimate gift!


11. Over all, has the process been easier or harder than you thought? 

The process has been about what we expected. We knew it would be tough but also so worth it! Our two fur kids Bailey and Bo can’t wait to have a human sibling!The process has been about what we expected. We knew it would be tough but also so worth it! Our two fur kids Bailey and Bo can’t wait to have a human sibling!

12. What are you looking forward to most once you become adoptive parents?

What we are looking forward to most of all is all the fun adventures we will have as a family! We will travel, go to the zoo, learn new things, and have so much fun! We hope our child will enjoy sports as well as Joe played soccer most of his life. Abby was also a cheerleader all through middle school.


13. What do you want your future child’s birthparents to know?

We want them to know that we will love them unconditionally. We are very supportive, open-minded people who love to see the beauty in life! We love to laugh, be in nature and appreciate the little things!

Thanks Joe and Abby for sharing your adoption story. We look forward to introducing you to more of our hopeful adoptive parents here soon.