Watch This Grandmother Meet Her Grandbaby By Adoption For The First Time

We all love surprises.

Recently, Laura Dell gave her mother the surprise of her life.

For a year, Laura and her husband and been trying to build their family through adoption.

Her mother, who was adopted herself, knew about their adoption plans. But she had no idea that they had found a match and a placement.

So you can just how she felt when she discovered the news and met her granddaughter for the first time.

Take a look at this video that Laura made to mark the occasion. Watch the surprise, shock and over-the-moon excitement on her mother’s face.


She thought she was getting an anniversary present–not her first grandbaby.

By the way, the onesie says “Grandma’s Little Girl.” But we think “Grandma’s Big Adventure” would be just as fitting.

Congratulations to Laura Dell, her mother and all of the members of their new extended family. Let the adventure begin!

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