Watch What Happens When This Birthmother Gets A Surprise Visit From Her Daughter

Life is full of surprises.

And for this birthmother, no surprise was likely more memorable or emotional than her first face-to-face meeting with Dina, the daughter she placed for adoption 34 years earlier.

The surprise encounter was planned by Dina and the birthmother’s youngest daughter, who always had a deep interest in meeting Dina.

Despite many setbacks, Dina and her birthmother eventually connected through Facebook. And it turns out that Dina had been searching for her too.

When she was five, her adoptive father died. And when her adoptive mother died years later, Dina’s search for her birthmother took on a new urgency.

Dina and her birthmother — who made her adoption plan when she was 16 — touched base by phone and built up a relationship.

And that eventually lead to this moment, their first face-to-face meeting, an event that I’m sure neither of them will ever forget.

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