Welcome To The New America Adopts!

america-adopts-mobileStarting today, America Adopts! is friendlier than ever.

User friendlier, that is.

Now you can view all of our parent profiles, resources, stories. interviews and tips the same way across different devices and screens. Whether you have a smartphone, desktop or tablet, all of our information and images will appear faster, simpler and smoother.

Why the change? According to the latest research, mobile is expected to overtake desktop usage this year and more searches than ever on Google are being performed on a mobile device.

What do our changes mean for you?

  • A better user experience
  • Information is easier to access
  • Our hopeful adoptive couples are more visible
  • Increased engagement across the site
  • Better search results on Google

But these aren’t the only changes you’ll see. We also have more real estate, especially on our front page.

As always, our hopeful adoptive parents will be front and center.

Their photos and links to their profile will still appear prominently, above the fold. In fact, we’re the only service that offers adopting parents that level of exposure on their front page.

But now there are even more ways for them to get noticed by prospective birthparents. Directly below that section is a new area called “Meet Our Adopting Parents,” where they can get additional visibility through their thumbnail photo and a link to their profiles.

Best of all, their photo and link will show up automatically, in rotation, every time the front page is clicked on. They don’t need to spend time constantly updating their profile to let expectant parents know they’re adopting.

Rounding out the new sections on our new home page are links to our success stories, articles and latest blog posts.

Just like our adopting parents, we’re always looking for ways to set us ourselves apart and stand out from the crowd. Our personal approach to creating our parent profiles, high-impact photos, and search engine-friendly content are three ways we do it. Our new features and functionality are others.

These changes are just the first in a series you can expect to see on our website and social networks in the weeks ahead.

What do you think of them? I’d love to get your feedback. What do you think of our new look and feel? What else would you like to see on our site? What topics are you interested in learning more about? Feel free to contact us any time with your comments. Enjoy the new site!