What Are Hopeful Adoptive Parents Hoping For In 2012?

Ah, 2012. A new year. And if you’re hoping to adopt, a new start.

So what does the start of the new year mean for couples and individuals who are trying to build their family through open adoption? Fifteen waiting parents from across the country share their hopes and dreams.

Sean and Dan, Georgia
We are excited about starting a new family and hopeful this is the year that we will adopt! We are focused on sharing our story on social networking sites and talking with everyone we meet about our plans. We continue to live life to the fullest while remaining hopeful that a child comes into our lives this year.


As we said goodbye to 2011, we realized that it was a building year for us. Our decision to adopt was really put in motion in 2011, call it intuition or positive thinking but we have faith our blessing is coming this year. Every year we have asked ourselves, ‘is this the year we have a family?’ We feel in our hearts that this will happen. Thanks for positive and supportive sites like America Adopts! for providing information that is caring and empathetic to all sides.
Melinda, California
2012 will be a new adventure for me in the adoption process, and I can’t wait!  I was recently approved by my agency and am very much looking forward to chatting with birth parents in the coming year.  Wishing everyone much health, happiness, and a match!



Beth and Jonathan, New York
As we move into a new year, we’re more committed than ever to growing our family through adoption. In the past year we’ve learned patience and persistence, and discovered a deeper gratitude for the gifts we have, and an appreciation for each other and for the kindnesses we’ve received during the process. We trust that our hard work will pay off and that our child will find its way to us!

Rebecca and Patrick, Minnesota

We are ringing in 2012 with the hope and prayer that a little one will be coming to us soon. In May it will be two years of us being approved and adoption ready. We will continue on our adoption journey with faith, hope, and love.



Ricky and Anthony, New York
This year was full of firsts with our first child through adoption. The most significant was our daughter’s first pride march in NYC, where same sex couples can now get married.  We are active with our agency for a hopeful second adoption this year and could not be more excited to expand our family, finalize and then look toward marriage.  This is the beginning of a new dream, a new hope and hopefully soon a new nation where ‘all families matter’!

Andrea and Scott, Georgia

For us, 2012 means a fresh start with a renewed sense of hope.  We feel confident in our hearts that this is the year we finally become parents!  We will continue to hope and pray that we will meet our baby soon!




Laurie, New York
The new year is a fresh start, a clean slate. Turning the calendar means moving past the hurt feelings and disappointments of the previous year. I am hopeful about the “business” cards I included in all my Christmas cards promoting my website and contact information will yield something. Word of mouth, an amazing attorney and a positive attitude — and next year, as we ring in 2013, I hope to be doing it elbow-deep in diapers and toys.
Jason and Marcie, Illinois
In 2012 we are going to continue to explore avenues for an adoption and are hopeful that this year we will be blessed with children.  We are looking forward to a year filled with love, laughter, and little ones.


Kyle and Steve, Texas
Midnight feedings. Games of peek-a-boo. Play dates at the park. These are just some of the things we hope will become a part of our life in 2012.  We can’t wait for that day when we bring our son or daughter home and begin our life as dads, and we hope that this is the year!


Tracy and Micah, Maine
“Patience wins all the time.” In this New Year we’re going to work on patience.  We feel we’ve done all we can to spread the word that we’re looking to adopt. Now it’s time to patiently wait and have faith that our hard work will connect us with a birth mother and father that would be a good fit for our family.


Stephanie and Brian, New York
We are hopeful that our adoption dreams become a reality in 2012.  We hope to meet a lovely birthmother who will entrust us with to task of loving and cherishing her beautiful baby and we look forward to giving that baby the love of parents, siblings and extended family for the rest of its life.



Steve and Janet, North Carolina
Our journey for adoption in 2012 includes reaching out further to help find the best home for a child.  We are willing to travel and are looking at international adoption. We have a warm home, and a big loving extended family that is very accepting. We are willing to listen.  



Christine and Marco, California
As we begin 2012, we want to find better ways to share our story with birthmoms.  We know they have a difficult decision to make and only get to see a glimpse of the personalities and lives of perspective adoptive parents. Luckily today includes communication methods like YouTube, websites and Facebook that allow birthmoms to get a “private” introduction at a respectful distance. So we embrace the challenge of how to share ourselves on this journey to an open adoption. Happy 2012!


Michelle and Greg, New York
We are hopeful this year. We are determined to make 2012 the year that we become parents. We know it is not a question of “If”, but “when” and the answer is 2012!

Good luck to everyone! We hope that this year is your year. And don’t forget to check out the hopeful adoptive parents on our Find A Family page. What are your adoption hopes and dreams for 2012? Share them in the section below.