Why I Created An Open Adoption For My Baby

This guest post is by Andrea, a birthmother, and is for Zay.

When I made an adoption plan for my baby  in the fall of 2015 I considered all sorts of options.

I could have as little or as much contact with my baby as I was comfortable with. After much consideration I chose an open adoption. Here’s why:


Your child can have their questions answered

Your baby will never have to wonder the “how” or “why” of adoption. They can have their questions answered in regards to their history, biology or health.

My daughter broke out in a bad rash and If it weren’t for our adoption plan her mom couldn’t have easily asked me about my allergies.

It helps with the healing

I owe much of my healing process to my open adoption. Getting pictures and scheduling visits soothed my heart and gave me so much to look forward to. It gave me a reason to keep going for her.

You can watch your child grow grow

Having an open adoption means you can watch your child grow. You never have to wonder if they have everything you wanted for them.

The feelings of sadness and guilt greatly subside and even disappear knowing you are in your child’s life.

You and your child gain an extended family

Two families become one. Your baby will have an extra set of grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles to love them. And the same goes for you as well.

It’s such a wonderful feeling seeing my family interact with my daughter’s family. Her parents are truly my biggest cheerleaders in life.

Open adoption isn’t “giving up”. It’s the highest act of love that benefits a baby and their families. 

Andrea is a hairstylist, student (majoring in criminal justice) and pug mama. Visit her birthmom/lifestyle blog here

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