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  • 5 Things That Helped Me Get Through The Year I Placed My Baby For Adoption

    This guest post is by Alice, a birthmother. I was Miss Squeaky Clean back in high school. I didn’t even kiss a boy till I was 18. But nine years later I had my first real experience and Wowzers, just like that I got pregnant.  Let me tell you that it is sucky to be in that boat. I know because I was there.  Everyone says that placing your baby for adoption is really honorable. The question is, is it the

  • What I Wish Others Knew About Open Adoption

    This guest post is by Chemene, an adoptive mother and adoption support group leader.  When I was in my 20’s I wished for a time machine to go back and change the things I did in high school.  You know those really important things: Break up with my boyfriend sooner; study for a test days NOT hours before while in homeroom; get better clothes!   In my 30’s I wished I could go back to my childhood and experience that feeling

  • Why We Have An Open Relationship With Our Son’s Birth Family

    This guest post is by Tennille, an adoptive mother.  It was bedtime, the stories had been read and prayers had been said. Then, out of the blue, our son said, “Mommy, you were praying for me while I was playing in Kelli’s tummy.” Mateus was 2 1/2 at the time, and his comment filled my heart with joy. When my husband and I were thinking about building our family through adoption, we had a discussion about open versus closed adoptions.

  • Our Christmas Adoption Story

    This guest post is by Danielle Beattie, an adoptive mother and adoptee. Ever since I was a young girl  I knew I wanted two thing: to be a mom and to adopt a child.  I was adopted and wanted to adopt On March 11, 2005 my first wish came true. I became a mom when I gave birth to a little boy who I named Nicolas. But soon after, on May 9, my world came crashing down when he passed away.

  • Dear Waiting Parents, I See You! From An Adoptee

    This guest post is by Lisa Raymond, an adoptee. Disclaimer: I am but one person with my own experience. Adoptees are human beings, so of course our feelings and experiences vary from black to white to every shade of gray. I cannot and do not speak for everyone, but will always stand up for everyone to have a chance to speak. Dear hopeful adoptive parents, I am an adoptee who has known the love born from adoption, not just my own,

  • How To Become An Adoption Advocate

    This guest post is by Paige Knipfer, an adoptive mother. I recently heard a quote by Kerstin Lindquist, “The system is broken but our family is whole.” This couldn’t ring truer for me. As an adoptive mom, sometimes I feel defeated by the adoption process. So I came up with some ways that we can all make changes to it in order to improve the adopting experience for others. Here are the 5 things you can do to help.

  • This Is What Being An Adoptive Mother Feels Like

    This guest post is by Mallory Rivas, an adoptive mother.  Since becoming an adoptive mother in 2016, life has changed in so many ways. I became a part of this “club,” if you will, of other parents that have adopted their children. We share stories of our journeys, our joys, trials and heartbreaks. It’s true when they tell you adopting a child is the hardest, most beautiful thing you will ever do in your life. It absolutely is. And it isn’t

  • Everything I Know About Adoptive Parenting I Learned From My Baby

    This guest post is by Amanda Jane Avis, a single adoptive mother. I know your head is whirling in a million directions. Thoughts of cribs, car seats, diapers—do you choose organic, cloth, standard? What education philosophies do we align with? How do we talk to our son or daughter about adoption? All these incredibly important topics in your brain right now, occupying so much real estate with so few solid answers! Guess what? You won’t have the answers now or

  • How We Celebrate Open Adoption With Our Children

    This guest post is by Angie Milks, an adoptive mother.  Today is a special day in our house so it’s fitting that I’m writing this blog post today.  It is my daughter’s fifth “Milksaversary”, the anniversary of the court date finalizing her open adoption, and officially making her a Milks forever!  We love celebrating this moment with our kids.  This morning at breakfast, we were looking at pictures and talking about what it means, and my daughter got up out

  • Adoption Profile Videos: Good Is The Enemy of Great

    This guest post is from Hal Kaufman, an adoptive parent and the Founder of My Adoption Advisor. I stole “Good is the Enemy of Great” from James C. Collins, the author of Good to Great, a book about how few organizations – schools, governments, businesses, etc. – achieve greatness, principally because they’re good. Adopting parents use an adoption video to share who they are with potential birth parents. I have viewed a lot of adoption profile videos and some are