Adoption, Father’s Day and Fatherhood: What I Learned In June

During the month of May, we marked Mother’s Day, Birthmother’s Day and motherhood with 31 stories by all members of the adoption constellation — one for each day of the month. When June came along, we figured it was only fair to explore the other side of the coin and let fathers share their stories about fatherhood and adoption.

Birthfathers may not have a special day devoted to them, but that didn’t stop them — or adoptive fathers, hopeful fathers or even hopeful mothers — from weighing in with their insights and observations about fatherhood and the effect that adoption has had on it.

If you missed their stories the first time around, here’s your chance to discover them all, under one virtual roof.

A Birthfather Asks: What Does It Mean To Be A Father?
The birthfather and blogger known as “I Am” tackles key adoption questions such as: Can a man be a father after he’s sacrificed his role as a parent? Is a son still a son if he calls another man ‘dad’? Is there anything worth celebrating in a man that gives up his son?

How We Created An Adoptive Family Of Two Fathers
Steven G. Dubin, an adoption attorney and adoptive father, tells the story of how he helped create his first same-sex adoptive family and what gay adoption means to him.

My Dream To Become An Adoptive Daddy
Like many men before him, Tim Elder dreamed of being an adoptive dad. In this guest post, the founder of Infant Adoption Guide explains how his dream became a reality.

Why Our Adoption Was Meant To Be
Adoptive dad Scott Phelps recounts the story of his son’s unusual delivery and the role that his wife played in it.

Adoption Isn’t Just About Mothers — Dads Are Expecting, Too!
Even though adoption is strongly focused on women, Josh — who’s hoping to adopt — argues that it should be as much about fathers as it is about mothers.

Shane Lynen, a birthfather who recently connected with the daughter he placed for adoption, explains the difference that open adoption has made to his life.

We Love You, Birthdaddy
Birthfathers are often pushed aside or left out of the open adoption process. In this guest post, Russ Elkins — an adoptive father and the author of Open Adoption, Open Heart — explains what he learned from his second open adoption placement.

A Prospective Adoptive Dad: What Father’s Day Means To Me
In this guest post to mark Father’s Day, Ethan, a hopeful adoptive father taps into the emotions he felt after being contacted by a prospective birth mother.

Manifesting Destiny: Gay Fatherhood Through Open Adoption
Casey Cavalier, one half of a same-sex couple hoping to adopt, writes about the challenges that gay couples experience on the road to adoption.

Being Contacted By Prospective Birthmothers: What I’ve Learned
Don, a hopeful adoptive father, has been contacted by prospective birthmothers five times. In this guest post, he shares what it’s taught him about open adoption.

How My Adoptive And Biological Dads Helped Me Understand Openness In Adoption
Kim Wallis, a North Carolina woman who’s hoping to adopt with her husband, shares how her two dads — adoptive and biological — shaped her understanding of adoption.

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