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Here’s what you’ll need to build your profile:

  • Home study verification: A digital copy of the first and last page of your private adoption home study or a letter from your licensed adoption professional. This is for our files only and will not be part of your profile or be shared publicly.
  • Letter to Expectant Parents: Complete the following sections: “About Us,” “Our Home and Community,” “Our Thoughts About Parenting and Adoption,” and “Final Thoughts.” Not sure what to say? Here are some tips.
  • Photos: Your main photo, plus 10, 20 or 30 for your album, depending on the plan you’ve chosen.  We strongly recommend using all of the photos that come with your plan. They’re the first things that expectant parents see, and birthparents and adoptive parents have both told us that they often make their decision on the basis of photos alone. Need help choosing? Here are some tips. 
  • Quick Facts: Assorted biographical information about you, your interests, preferences for a child, etc.
  • Contact Information: We suggest a dedicated email address e.g. and/or your adoption professional’s.

Posting your profile online is a great way to expand your reach and shorten your wait. But sadly it also leaves you vulnerable to scammers. To avoid disappointment, get your adoption professionals involved in a situation as early as possible.

You can also join our private Facebook Support Group. It’s a great way to share your experiences, give and receive encouragement and get alerted to potential scams before they have a chance to develop. Plus, our blog has 500+ articles on everything from how to spot a scam to what questions to ask expectant parents during your first conversation. For additional information and inspiration, feel free to join our communities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Thanks again for choosing America Adopts!

Thank you so much for your help this past year! It played a vital role in connecting us with the young woman we did find; she and her family looked at our profile repeatedly before contacting us. We will recommend your services to anyone who is trying to adopt. Thank you again!

Valerie and David

We actually received two great leads from your site. Your site is great and we found it very useful.

Haris and Clay

The team at America Adopts! have been wonderful to work with during our adoption process. Not only have they given us helpful feedback on our adoption materials and profile, but they have also been there with kind words of encouragement and support.

Chris and Amy