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  • How We Wrote Our Adoption Profile Letter

    Is there a secret to writing a successful adoption profile letter? Some magic formula that will allow you to be true to yourself and still make a lasting impression on prospective birthparents? Those are some of the many questions that hopeful adoptive parents struggle with when putting together their profile.

  • When A Prospective Birthmother Calls: 6 Ways To Make The Most Of Your First Conversation

    Is there anything more stressful than getting that first phone call from a prospective birthmother? A job interview perhaps? A blind date? To be sure, they’re nerve-wracking. But at least you know what you’re getting into. A call from a prospective birthmother, on the other hand, is a totally different and unfamiliar experience, one that typically comes out of the blue and could change your life forever.

  • LGBT Adoption: One Family’s Dream To Adopt

    Manuel and Michael have been together for 11 years and have had their adoption profile online since last year. The fact that they’re a same-sex couple makes no difference to them. They know their love for their future child and their future child’s birth family will be as strong and as deep as any love can be. But as a LGBT family, they also know they face unique challenges that other hopeful adoptive families never have to think about. Recently

  • What Not To Do After You’ve Been Matched With A Prospective Birthmother

    When Sarah learned she had been matched with a prospective birthmother, she couldn’t wait to tell her friend, Dawn. Dawn had been her No. 1 supporter throughout her adoption journey so it only seemed right to let her in on the good news. Little did Sarah know that she was about to set off one of the most heartbreaking and embarrassing chapters in her life. Excited for Sarah, Dawn told her friends, who in turn told their friends, until it

  • Thinking About Adoption For Your Baby? One Birthmother’s Story

    When you’re thinking about adoption for your baby, there are so many factors to consider: your baby’s future, of course, but also the wants and needs of your baby’s father, your family, his family, the hopeful adoptive family, the adoption agency, the hospital staff, etc. Camyla knows just how complicated, and crowded, the open adoption process can get. Eight years ago, the 26-year-old birthmother placed her baby with an adoptive family. Today, she’s writing a book to help expectant parents

  • Birthmother Changing Her Mind? What You Need To Know

    It’s every hopeful adoptive parent’s worst nightmare: after waiting for what seems like any eternity, you’ve finally been matched with a woman who says she wants to place her baby with you. Not only do you like her. Over the last few months you’ve really gotten to know her: exchanged photos, seen ultrasounds of the baby, and spent time with her and her family. Everything has run smoothly. You couldn’t be happier. But suddenly, as she approached her due due, things change. She doesn’t call you back

  • Open Adoption Agreements: Do They Work?

    What happens when a child’s adoptive parents and birth parents have a disagreement after their adoption has been finalized? What if one party wants to have more (or less) contact than the other — or no contact at all? What if one party wants to keep in touch by email but the other one prefers communicating through phone calls or visits? Can the adoption be overturned if one side doesn’t live up to its end of the agreement?

  • 3 Tried-And-True Ways To Make Your Adoption Profile Stand Out

    Every hopeful adoptive parent wants to make their adoption profile stand out. After all, standing out could help you get noticed, which in turn could help you make a connection with a woman who’s considering adoption for her baby, which in turn could help you find an open adoption match and become a parent. So how do you do it? How do you set yourself apart and grab the attention of an expectant mother with an adoption plan? There’s no

  • Using Movies To Talk About Open Adoption

    This guest post is by Addison Cooper at Adoption At The Movies. On February 24, we’ll know the winners of the 85th Academy Awards. Maybe you’re not enough of a movie buff to tune in to the Oscars, but you may have seen some of the Best Picture nominees. Or subscribed to Netflix. Or stopped by Redbox. We watch films because they’re entertaining, because they create a sense of shared culture, and because they connect with our stories in powerful

  • Placing A Baby For Adoption? Ask Yourself These Questions First

    Placing your baby for adoption can trigger all kinds of conflicting emotions ranging from fear and anger to hope to excitement. Deep down you may feel you’re making the right decision for you and your baby. But another part of yourself may be struggling with doubts about whether you’re doing the right thing and how your child will eventually feel about your decision. The good news is that you don’t have to make your decision alone. There are plenty of people