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  • How Long Should A Parent Profile Letter Be?

    How long should a parent profile letter be? Or should I say, how short? If you’ve just started writing — or wrestling with — yours, you probably have plenty of questions. Questions about the content, about the tone, about the photos. And, if you’re like most people trying to adopt, about the length.

  • Lessons I Learned From A Recent Birth Mother Contact

    This guest post is by Preetha, a hopeful adoptive mother. A few weeks ago, I received a call from a potential birth mother. This was the first time I actually talked with one. My previous contacts were all via email. From my perspective, it was a good conversation. She explained her situation to me and asked me more details about myself and my husband.

  • Waiting To Adopt: Is There A Right Way To Do It?

    Just before I went away earlier this month, I got an email from a waiting adoptive couple saying they wanted to join our “Find A Family” page. They had been waiting for a while to find a match and had nothing to show for their efforts. They thought coming on our site would give them some extra exposure and hopefully a leg up in their quest to connect with a prospective birthmother.

  • 8 Ways Hopeful Single Adoptive Parents Can Increase Their Chances Of Being Chosen By A Prospective Birthmother

    Single parents are adopting in greater numbers than ever before. Although the exact figure is hard to come by, one California agency reports that 25 percent of all adoptions are by single parents. But you don’t need an adoption agency or an expert to tell you that single adoptive parent applications are on the rise. The signs are everywhere. Just visit the web and you’ll find a growing number of parent profiles by single adoptive hopefuls, including this one by

  • How To Find A Match With Prospective Birthparents

      What does it take to find an match with prospective birthparents? Is there a magic formula for making a connection with an expectant mother and father who are considering adoption for their baby? What skills or talents do you need to have in order to become a successful adoptive parent? And more importantly, do you have them? Creating a connection with prospective birthparents doesn’t come overnight. And it doesn’t come easily, either. It takes time and work. A lot

  • My Open Adoption Milestones

    This guest post is by Kerstin Lindquist at KerstinLindquistQVC . There are five huge paperwork milestones that you have to go through when you adopt a baby in the United States. Five steps that make you hold your breath and pray for strength to make it through the next day, or hour, or minute.

  • Is Open Adoption Right For My Baby?

    This guest post is by Michelle Erich at Michelle Erich Law. Our society promotes and publicizes only one choice for a surprise pregnancy. Society seems to be preaching a “take the easy road and terminate” philosophy, unless it was a planned event. Don’t just follow the crowd. There is the choice to parent and the choice to give a parenting opportunity to someone else through adoption.

  • Adoption, Father’s Day and Fatherhood: What I Learned In June

    During the month of May, we marked Mother’s Day, Birthmother’s Day and motherhood with 31 stories by all members of the adoption constellation — one for each day of the month. When June came along, we figured it was only fair to explore the other side of the coin and let fathers share their stories about fatherhood and adoption. Birthfathers may not have a special day devoted to them, but that didn’t stop them — or adoptive fathers, hopeful fathers or

  • How My Adoptive And Biological Dads Helped Me Understand Openness In Adoption

    This guest post is by Kim Wallis, a hopeful adoptive mother. It is part of A Dad’s Devotion, a month-long series of original stories related to adoption, fatherhood and Father’s Day. I think I was luckier than most daughters because I had two dads. I was adopted when I was 15 by my step-father — probably not an age that most think of when adoption comes to mind. He’d been co-parenting me since I was 7 when he married my mom. Our