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  • What We’re Doing To Get Matched With Prospective Birthparents

    Getting matched with prospective birthparents doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience — and a plan. Cyra-Lea and Eddie have both. The Charlestown, Indiana couple have been together for nearly eight years and view children as life’s most wonderful blessing and its greatest responsibility.

  • Trying to Connect With A Birthmother? The One Thing You Need To Know

    How do you connect with a birthmother? What does a birthmother look for when choosing adoptive parents for her baby? Is there something you can say or show in your adoption profile that will increase your chances of making a match? These are questions that hopeful adoptive parents ask themselves all the time as they put together their adoption profile in the hopes of making a connection with a birthmother — or, more accurately, a prospective birthmother.

  • 41 Ways To Get Found By A Pregnant Woman Considering Adoption

    Pregnant women consider adoption for all kinds of reasons. The reasons vary as much as the women themselves. So too do the places they turn to when they’re looking for a loving adoptive family to adopt their baby. In the past, a pregnant woman had limited choices to connect with adoptive parents due to reasons ranging from geography to accessibility. Typically, an adoption agency was the only avenue available. The expectant mother would come into an office where an adoption

  • Why This Year Will Be Your Year To Adopt A Baby

    Happy New Year! There’s nothing like the start of a New Year to get you fired up about your plan to adopt a baby. This time of the year is all about new beginnings and fresh starts — a chance to look beyond the mistakes of the past and invent the future. So if adopting a baby is at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions, congratulations!

  • Open Adoption Scams Pt. 3: You’re Good, but Thankfully Not that Good

    This guest post is by Leah B., a hopeful adoptive mother, This concludes our special holiday series on how to protect yourself from open adoption scams. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. I feel pretty blessed I’m not writing “The Twelve Adoption Scams of Christmas” as I only have three to offer. But I’m sure that many other hopeful adoptive parents could add their own stories to my list. This last scam was definitely the best of the bunch. Luckily for others,

  • Scam Stories Pt. 2: The “Nigerian Prince” of Open Adoption

    This guest post is by Leah B., a hopeful adoptive mother, Part 2 of a special holiday series on how to protect yourself from open adoption scams. Read Part 1 here. OK, he wasn’t literally a Nigerian Prince. We all know about the omnipresent spam email  “I’m a Nigerian Prince. I need $3,000. Please wire it into this bank account.” Yes, that one — the message we all wonder who the heck would ever fall for.

  • The Three Adoption Scams of Christmas, Part 1

    This guest post is by Leah B., an adoptive mother whose profile had been posted on our Find A Family page, part of a special holiday series on how to protect yourself from open adoption scams. You don’t need to have an advanced degree in human psychology to know that the holidays might not be so merry if, say, you’ve been on the waiting list to adopt a child for a while. This unpleasant fact is not lost on opportunistic adoption

  • Surviving the Holidays When You’re Waiting To Adopt

    This guest post is by Preetha, a hopeful adoptive mother. Typically, holidays should be a time for celebration and happy moments. But for some, especially those who have battled infertility issues and who are waiting to adopt, they might be a source of stress. They might be a reminder of what was lost and/or what is missing, and others may not be able to relate to this sentiment.

  • What’s The Best Adoption Advice You’ve Received And Other Answers To Your Adopting Questions

    What’s the best adoption advice you’ve received? If you could change one thing about your journey, what would it be? What do you know about adoption now that you wish you had known before? These are just some of the questions we asked prospective adoptive parents, families who have adopted or have placed a baby for adoption, and adoptees as part of a series our sister site runs every year during National Adoption Month called “30 Questions, 30 Days.”