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  • 9 Open Adoption Professionals Share What They Love Most About The Process

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Here at America Adopts!, V-Day isn’t just about roses and chocolates. It’s also a chance to celebrate our love for open adoption. Last year, we marked the occasion by asking birth mothers, adoptive parents, hopeful adoptive parents, and adoption professionals what they love about the process. Today, we continue the tradition with 9 adoption agency executives, attorneys, and case workers sharing their thoughts about why open adoption is close to their hearts.

  • How To Write About Openness In Your Open Adoption Profile

    Openness isn’t just a trend in open adoption. It’s a reality. About 95 percent of infant adoptions in the U.S. today involve some degree of openness between birth parents and adoptive parents. And for many expectant parents it’s the deciding factor when choosing parents for their child. But addressing openness in an adoption profile is no easy task. A large number of adoptive parents are so focused on just getting to the finish line and finding a match that they often don’t think about what

  • Our Gay Adoption Journey So Far

    Gay adoption has made huge strides over the last few years. Gay families are now part of the mainstream and hopeful gay adoptive parents are a staple of many adoption agency websites. And yet even though the number of states allowing gays to adopt a baby has nearly tripled over six years, for many same sex couples hopeful adoptive couples such as Matthew and Trey there’s still a long way to go.

  • Giving Up Your Baby For Adoption? That’s Not What Open Adoption Is About

    If you’re pregnant but not ready to parent, you may be thinking about “giving up your baby for adoption.” Or at least that’s how your decision may be described in the media and by other people. Open adoption isn’t about “giving up your baby.” “Giving up your baby” suggests you’re abandoning your child. But that’s not what you, or the thousands of expectant parents who make the the difficult but loving decision to create an adoption plan each year, are

  • From Birthmother To Birthmom Counselor: What I’ve Learned Along The Way

    Placing a baby for adoption is a life-changing event. No one understands that better than Vicki, a Chicago-area resident who jokingly refers to herself as a “professional birthmom.” Nineteen years ago, she placed her son, Kevin, in an open adoption. Afterwards, she worked as an expectant mother counselor, helping women make adoption plans for their unborn children. Today, she is the case manager at On Your Feet Foundation, an organization that provides support to birthparents to help them get back

  • 6 Reasons You Should Join An Adoption Profile Website (Even If You Have Your Own Site)

    Getting found online by expectant parents who are considering adoption used to be a straightforward affair for hopeful adoptive parents. Create a website or get someone to create one for you and voila, you’d have an instant web presence. But the days of “If you build it, they will come” are long over. More than 150,000 new URLs are created every day. Hopeful adoptive parents not only have their own personal website, they also have their own Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

  • Why We Chose Newborn Adoption

    Adopting parents choose newborn adoption for different reasons. In the case of Michelle and Greg, it was a chance encounter that first led them to think about adopting a baby. As the Long Island, New York couple explain in their parent profile on our Adoption Profiles page,  “we are so lucky to have friends that know people that adopted and they introduced us. After only a few minutes speaking with one another, it became apparent that we were meant to

  • 21 Inspirational Adoption Quotes If You’re Placing Your Baby

    One good turn deserves another. Last week I shared 25 Inspirational Quotations and Poems for Adopting Parents. This week it’s expectant parents considering adoption and their families’ turn. Finding adoptive parents for your baby is an act of love that takes strength and courage. If you’re an expectant parent, no decision will be harder to make — or cause you to question yourself more and feel cut off from the rest of the world.

  • How My Positive Birthmother Story Made Me An Open Adoption Advocate

    Laura Gladden is a 20-year-old student at Colorado Mesa University who hopes to become an adoption counselor for birth mothers. And she already has some first-hand experience in the field: she placed her daughter for adoption after an unplanned pregnancy two years ago. Although Laura didn’t know anything about open adoption at the time, today she looks at her daughter Kinley’s adoption as a blessing. And she hopes to use her experience to educate other women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy

  • 25 Motivational Adoption Quotations And Poems For Adopting Parents

    I don’t know about you, but I love adoption quotations and poems. They’re so motivating, especially at this time of the year when everything seems so full of promise and possibilities. Adopting a baby is hard work so it helps to have as many supports as possible along the way to keep you going. Quotations are a great way to lift your spirits and feel connected to a larger community. I remember whenever we hit a bump on the road