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  • Writing Your Parent Profile? Ask Yourself These 5 Essential Questions Before You Start

    Starting your parent profile? Good luck! And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Next to word of mouth, a parent profile is the best networking tool you have as a hopeful adoptive parent to connect with prospective birth parents. And that’s a good thing and a bad one. Good because your profile could be a game-changer in your efforts to become an adoptive parent through open adoption. Bad because…well, if you know anything about writing a profile, you’ll

  • Why Finding A Baby On Craigslist Isn’t As Crazy As It Sounds–And Other Domestic Adoption Networking Lessons

    I haven’t checked Craigslist today. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a sudden spike in the number of ads by waiting adoptive parents over the weekend. Why? Because of a Minnesota couple named Tracey and Dan Citron. To most people, their names won’t ring a bell. But for couples and singles hoping to adopt, the Citrons are the luckiest people in the world. As you may have read on Friday, not only were they matched with a baby. The match

  • What Are Hopeful Adoptive Parents Hoping For In 2012?

    Ah, 2012. A new year. And if you’re hoping to adopt, a new start. So what does the start of the new year mean for couples and individuals who are trying to build their family through open adoption? Fifteen waiting parents from across the country share their hopes and dreams.

  • Resolutions I’ve Adopted for 2012

    Happy New Year! How are your resolutions coming along? Are you the type of person who makes them? Normally I don’t, but this year I’ve made an exception. Which, I guess you could say, is a resolution of sorts. There are so many things in my life that I wish I could change. I could be more organized. More punctual. More patient, especially when I pull up to a four-way stop. And yes, I could stand to lose at least

  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Adoptions

    I had the best of intentions. With 2011 drawing to a close, I was all set to write a post about the top adoption stories of year. And there was huge crop to choose from: the death of Steve Jobs, the rise in gay adoption, the drop in international adoption, and of course, a fair share of celebrity adoptions, including Rachel Crow’s amazing run on X Factor. (By the way, you can cast your vote for all of these stories, or others,

  • How Open Adoption Has Changed Us

    This guest post is by Preetha and Don.  We’ve always heard people around us saying, “Parenthood changes you.” In the same vein, we think embarking on an open adoption journey has the ability to change people. We are not too far along our journey–only about five months–but it has changed us already. Before we started the process, we were two results-driven, career-oriented individuals who were vaguely aware of open adoption-related issues. Here’s how our journey has changed us:

  • What I’m Learning While Waiting to Adopt

    This guest post is by Dana, a hopeful adoptive parent. This summer I had the opportunity to share a wonderful conversation with a dear family friend. We were on vacation, walking up and down the beach and talking very openly with one another. On this walk he commented that it seemed that Chris, my husband, and I were doing “better.” It was true we were doing better–feeling more at peace related to the babies we lost (in pregnancy) and we

  • Ask An Adoption Attorney: Where Do States Draw The Line On Advertising By Hopeful Adoptive Parents?

    This is the first post in an ongoing series called “Ask An Adoption Attorney“–your open adoption questions answered by a legal expert.  This week, we had two attorneys weigh in on the following question from Tracy: In Maine it is not legal to advertise for adoption, but advertising isn’t defined. Would placing an adoption business card or a flyer on a bulletin board be considered advertising? Or is advertising typically something you pay for? What about mailing your information to